In your deep sleep you might clench or grind teeth leading to generalised attrition of tooth ENAMEL,  Jaw Pain, Popping or Clicking of the jaw. 

Night Guards are lightweight, practical, and comfortable. They are fabricated to suit your teeth which reduces the stress that is placed on the muscles and jaw joints. You have fewer issues with pain and teeth will be protected when you wear them.

People who have issues with their jaw tend to have headaches. A night guard can reduce the instances of pain, aches, and headaches.

 Clenching and grinding your teeth at night then this can wear off yor tooth enamel & damage, chip teeth. Night guard prevents the same from happeneing.

When you wear a night guard you’re going to have more comfort as you’re sleeping and this reduces any symptoms you have with your jaw. You will have more muscle relaxation and as your jaw is relaxed to help you sleep better.